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Sharing the gospel with those around us is much easier when their basic need of food is met. Pastors have started agricultural programs for multiple reasons. 

First, the inflation rate is high all around the world, which means those in impoverished countries feel the pain worse than others because they already could not afford food. A bag of rice has increased 30% and when the average wage is $3 a day, this increase makes it difficult to buy food. Growing rice and vegetables is more cost effective than purchasing it and also makes it more easily accessible. 

Second, the pastors work with the community side by side. They teach the people farming techniques and it gives them a purpose each day, which is priceless.

Third, it allows the pastor to more easily share the gospel. By working together, there is much time to chat about life altering conversations. Feeding their bodies allows the pastor to then feed their soul. 

Pastors need help launching these agriculture programs as well as expanding them. You get to help meet someone's physical need and spiritual need.

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