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Meet the Team


Pastor Francis Rogers

Pastor Rogers started caring for children shortly after he was married. He now runs an orphanage in Moribatown, Sierra Leone and oversees 28 pastors in his district. He is very active in his community and well respected by everyone there. He is on several committees and is known for his integrity and character. He is our in country liaison and we rely on his wisdom with many things we do.


Joy Nobilini

Joy started going to Sierra Leone in 2013 and has made it her mission to care for the people there. She has fallen in love with the children of the orphanage in Moribatown and cares for them like her own children. She has enjoyed getting to know the pastors Action:318 supports along with their wives and families. When she's not in Sierra Leone, she enjoys empty nest life with her husband Jim and chasing around her precious grandchildren.


Ashlyn Schaub

Ashlyn has spent her life teaching the gospel, leading children's worship, and helping people find freedom from strongholds. She was led to Sierra Leone for the first time by a dream from God. She witnessed the hand of God moving powerfully through the congregations there to redeem the country. She saw that these men, women, and children are not limited by lack of faith or obedience to God, but by resources. Ashlyn joined Action318 because she believes the body of Christ should never be limited by resources that we can provide by working together.


Malachi Aruna

Malachi grew up in the children's home and went on to get an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering which is why we lovingly refer to him as 'Genius'. His Godly character along with his attention to detail is what inspired us to hire him as our in-country employee. Malachi manages all administrative aspects of the many  ongoing projects that we sponsor in Sierra Leone. He is an invaluable part of our team.


Jim Nobilini

Jim had listened to his wife talk about Sierra Leone for a few years and decided to join her. They now travel together and both are passionate about the work of God there. Jim has a special relationship with several of the older boys at the orphanage who lovingly call him Dad. Back in the states, Jim is a computer programmer. He loves being Pops to his adorable grandchildren.


Mike Kelley

Mike has been working with children in different ministries in the U.S. since 2007, when God lit a fire in his heart for those who society often considers insignificant or unworthy. In 2018, Mike made his first trip to Sierra Leone and he came back marveling at the faith of the people and burning with a passion to come alongside what he saw God doing. He is part of Action:318 because he believes that the body of Christ has been called to action – to love not just in the words we say but in the things that we do. 


Charlene Morell

Charlene is a passionate lover of Jesus and finds joy in teaching children, women's ministry, and sharing the gospel. She has seen God do incredible things in her visits to Sierra Leone and is a part of Action318 because faith drives action. "Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us." 2 Corinthians 5:20a

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