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We had no idea that God would ask us to start a medical clinic. This was certainly not on our list of projects. Then one of our amazing donors put us in touch with Vertix Builders and they are building our first clinic! We learned that basic medical care in small villages is lacking. The biggest problem is there is no care for pregnant women and babies. Sierra Leone has the world's highest maternal mortality ratio. The death rate for mothers during childbirth is extremely high since there is no place for women to give birth and if there are any complications, most likely that will lead to the death of the mother and/or her baby. This information stirred our hearts as we continued walking down this road.


Here's how it all started. Julius Yambasu, a pastor we support in Tormabum, told that he had a vision and in that vision God told him that he was going to build a clinic. He, along with two local medical personnel, started it in the small rented room he has in that village. They have helped countless people with basic medical care. When we told this to a woman here in the states who works for a women's clinic, she was quick to get us 200 pounds of medical supplies that we took over to that small clinic. We were not in a position to build a clinic nor did we know anything about building a clinic, so we began praying asking God to reveal his plan. Within a few days we were introduced to Ted and Ryan from Vertix Builders who were immediately on board. God not only supplied people to build the clinic, but He supplied people that have expertise in building medical facilities.

In the meantime, the local chiefs in a nearby village called Waah heard about Pastor Julius' desire to start a clinic (and eventually build a church and school) and they donated a 19 acre parcel of land. It has been amazing watching how God orchestrates all the details. 

Shortly after that we were in communication with a young man in Sierra Leone, Mohammed Abu, who just recently graduated with his degree as a CHO (Community Health Officer). This would be compared to a PA (Physician Assistant) in our country. CHOs are responsible for operating government clinics. He agreed to quit his job, move to this remote village and to run our new clinic. You have to understand how this would not happen without God ... someone with his education normally would want to be in one of the cities, not in a small village. His willingness to work and serve in this capacity is truly a gift!

Now we have one more hurdle we are praying for. It costs $2300/month for the salaries, which is not a lot of money considering this is for a staff of 11 medical professionals. We are starting a campaign to raise funds, and we are asking people to sponsor one of the personnel required to run the clinic. Below is a list of who we need to hire and the cost to sponsor them each month. If you are able to help in this way, please set up a recurring donation and mark the donation with the person you would like to sponsor. The clinic is scheduled to open in the fall. If you want to start donating towards this before the clinic opens, those funds will go towards opening costs of supplies and medicines.


Additionally, we need to raise around $2,000/month for the monthly operating expenses including medicines, supplies, fuel for the generator, and building maintenance, etc. Please join us in fulfilling God's vision to care for the physical needs of Sierra Leonean people living in some of the most remote places on earth. If you are in the medical field and your facility would like to donate any medical equipment or supplies that we could take with us (we travel there twice a year), please contact us.

CHO Manager - $357 PROVIDED


Midwife (2) - $250 each ONE NEEDED

SECHN nurse (state enrolled community health nurse) (2) - $190 each  TWO NEEDED

MCH nurse (maternal child health aide) (2) -  $160 each TWO NEEDED

Cleaner (1) - $110 NEEDED

Lab Tech (1) - $204 NEEDED

Security (1) - $100 PROVIDED

Help us build a mission house

The village of Waah, where the clinic is located, is very remote and does not have many housing options. We are building a mission house that will serve as housing for the local pastor (Julius Yambasu) and his family, and also serve as team housing when we send mission workers. The total cost is $30,000 and the house will be finished in 2024. If you would like to help with this project, please click on this donate button.

Become a partner

Waah clinic land with Vertix.jpg

Vertix Builders dedicating Waah clinic land

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