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We work with local orphanages in Sierra Leone to provide their children with the opportunity to attend higher education. This could be university or trade schools.  We also help pastors children with their tuition fees.

University students typically attend for 4 years and achieve a degree. Many employers in Sierra Leone only hire employees who have degrees, so this is a great benefit to young people just getting started. We help students with tuition, room & board, fees, and living expenses along with a computer to provide them with easy access to important information and the ability to complete their assignments.

Trade school students typically attend for 1 1/2 years and achieve a certificate. There are occasionally opportunities for students to continue into higher learning programs if they show aptitude. Examples of trade school include electrical engineering, plumbing, welding, and catering. We help students with tuition, room & board, fees and living expenses along with tools and equipment needed for practical teaching.

In a country where education is not accessible to many, this opportunity is one that is important to students. In order to attend higher education, the student needs to take a national exam called the WASSCE and their scores indicate which school they have the opportunity to attend.


We currently have 16 students in higher education and we need funds to help some of these students with their expenses. By helping them, you are investing in their future. The biggest need is sponsoring their living expenses. It costs $100 a month to provide for their housing, food, and basic needs. Please consider sponsoring one of them. Thank you!

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Some of our higher education students

Rachel, Wisdom, and Samuel

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