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There is a great need for building churches in the Bonthe District of Sierra Leone, Africa. Having a church building is a way to show the community the church is here to stay and they can trust that the pastors are not going away. It is also necessary to provide a place for the people to meet, especially because some churches meet in community centers that are used for other purposes and the building is not always available.

God brought us Trailhead International to partner with us to build two churches in 2023. One is in a village called Mattru Jong and the other in Tihun. You can see the completed church buildings below. Following is a testimony regarding the church in Mattru Jong:

"The church has never had a building of its own from its inception in the year 2011. Instead they have been migrating from one place to another. Even though they were able to secure a small piece of land for the construction of a church building, they never achieved it because of lack of money. The congregation could not avail what it takes to erect one so everyone here saw the partnership of Trailhead as timely and God sent. The church building brought joy to the entire congregation and confidence to skeptics most of whom were never sure if that church will survive in that Muslim dominated community. Moreover, most people in our communities refuse to join any church congregation that does not have an edifice of its own so this building brought confidence to most of them. Most people who have never been to the church despite many invitations entered the church for the first time on the dedication day and some have finally joined the assembly."

Following is a testimony from Peter Gassimu, pastor of the Tihun church:

This new church building has created a lot of positive impact in our community.

1. It has added value to the gospel of Christ in this community.

2. It has attracted the attention of the unsaved souls to the church.

3. It has motivated the leadership of the church in Tihun to do more for the Lord.

4. It has created special faith, confidence and zeal in the hearts of the members.

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Mattru Jong new church building

Tihun church.jpg

Exciting day of dedication of the Tihun church on Christmas Eve 2023

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