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Pastoral support

We currently support 14 pastors with more waiting for support. It costs $200/month to provide for their needs. Would you want to support a pastor? Once you commit to supporting a pastor, you are able to (if you desire) communicate with them on WhatsApp and keep in touch. You are able to form a relationship and encourage one another. These men pastor in very dark places and need our help to be a light in the darkness.


The pastors we support are in villages in the Bonthe District of Sierra Leone. This support allows them to do the work of a pastor while not worrying how to feed their families. Although we give this support to pay for the monthly living expenses of the pastor and his family, many times they also use it to help feed needy families in their village, and start community projects such as agriculture, clinics, or schools. Your donations go a long way!

HERE are testimonies of some of our pastors. If you cannot provide financially, please pray for them as they minister in difficult places. 

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