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Julius Yambasu

I was born on September 14, 1979 in the southern part of Sierra Leone. The name of my hometown is called Lungi in the Kpanda Kemmoh chiefdom, Bonthe District. The rebel war started when I was in secondary school. I dropped out of school for 4 years. I was 19 years old when I went back to continue schooling in 1998. I completed my secondary education in 2004. Fortunately, I gave my life to Christ in 2004, although I had no knowledge about what that looked like. In 2005 I was now finding for myself. I was now working to get survival as a security guard. I joined Faith Healing Bible Church in 2006. I was appointed as youth leader in 2012-2013. Finally in 2013 I was posted to take up leadership of the branch at Kabati village in the Jong chiefdom. Prior to my obedience to that call, I got married to Jeneba and we are blessed with 6 children. Since I have conviction that God has called me, I have left all to stay focused on the assignment to share the gospel at all times everywhere. I am currently serving as pastor in a village called Tormabum where they are hearing the gospel message for the first time.


Progress Kimbo

I was born from a Muslim home and when I was around 8 years old the Lord Jesus appeared to me in my dream. When I woke up in the morning I told my mom that I wanted to go to church, but she stopped me. I insisted on it and I went to church that day and I didn't turn back again. My dreams about Jesus developed from that time, but my family abandoned me and sent me away. They even tried to have me killed. That caused me not to further my education because there was nobody to support me. 

I grew up with friends in a Christian home. At 15 years old I finally gave my life to Jesus. After that I decided to learn how to drive and from there I worked at a security agency. At the age of 21 I entered pastoral training and I started preaching at the age of 25. I was working when I started preaching, but I was not giving my full time to serve God so I decided to leave the job and work for God alone. I started my full time ministry at the age of 30 years till now.

Emmanuel Mammy

I was born on December 26, 1982, in the village called Walihun Kondah.  I am currently a pastor under the leadership of Francis Rogers who is the District Senior Pastor of Faith Healing Bible Church. I was a Muslim before when one of the pastors by the name of Mohamed Stevens who organized a three-day mini crusade at one of the villages called Mogbwemo where I was invited. After the ministration I personally decided to give my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My family was not happy about such decision, but to God be the glory for the pastor and other brethren in the faith who encouraged me in my newfound faith.

On April 27, 2018 I decided to get married which was done by the help of the church. I decided to join one of the church branches which is Mogbwemo. On April 10, 2021 I lost my dear wife from malaria. We don’t have biological children, but the Lord had blessed us with 3 foster children. They were Muslim and I and my late wife ministered to them when we went on village evangelism. We ministered to them in kinds of little things we have. They are presently with me serving the Lord faithful. I am trusting God that those children the Lord has blessed me with will also go and preach. I am presently the pastor on Bonthe Island.

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