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Team sports is an important way for children to build community with their peers. We currently sponsor a football team - Joy FC (football club). There are numerous reasons why this is part of our mission.

The club was founded by 4 boys living in the local orphanage. They wanted to compete with other local teams but could not afford equipment or game fees. We bought them new cleats (which was quite a gift!), uniforms, and paid the game fees so they could play. They solicited players from the village and soon were winning local matches and going onto bigger ones. The team's motto is play with character and respect and they were known as "the Jesus boys". Even though the team is made up of Christians and non-Christians, the team works hard to stand out in how they conduct themselves.

Some things the team has done with the little funds they receive:

  • Pay medical bills for their teammates

  • Work the farm of a disabled woman

  • Meet other financial needs of their team

Playing football to them is a ministry, and we are happy to support them as it encompasses our mission.

Become a partner

soccer team_edited.jpg

Thanks to our partners for supplying the team with new cleats! They are very thankful.

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