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We know healthcare is important to everyone, yet it is not accessible to most. Our mission is to help those who cannot afford healthcare. One way we do that is we have local health professionals in the community who make us aware of the needs of others, and then we mobilize to help them. Whether that is getting people connected to those who can help (helping them find a qualified doctor or hospital), or financing their medical needs.

Another way we meet this need is through pastoral programs in small villages. Pastors have started medical clinics in bush villages that are far from any medical care or access to basic medicine. They bring in a qualified medical practitioner who sees members of the community and is able to give them basic care. We help provide the funds to make this happen as well as bringing various medications and supplies when we visit. They do the rest.

This is a great evangelical tool as well as meeting the physical needs of the people. It's a win - win.

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