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Education is one of the most important aspects of a child's life. It is even more important in an impoverished country because companies who are hiring for meaningful jobs require educated employees. 

We work with pastors who are starting schools in bush villages where there is no local education. Some pastors have started schools with funds from their monthly support, which is a huge sacrifice. Teachers volunteer their time since there is no funding for their salary. We would love to expand this project to pay teachers, offer more grade levels, and improve school buildings (or in some cases build them).

Below is a new school structure in a very small village that did not have a school. The local pastor started this with his own funds. This is a preschool with a wonderful woman who volunteers to teach. Not only are these children learning for the first time, they are receiving a Christian education.

The second picture is a newly constructed school, thanks to one of our donors. This village is so excited to have a school building that is safe as their previous building was falling down and could not be used. This building is also being used to host church services. 

Helping build a school in many cases is offering education for the first time in a village. Your support goes a long way in providing an academic education, as well as biblical education, and in some cases provides a church building. 

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